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The video production agency that will engage your viewers.

INVIDEOO creates eye catching interactive videos. Our interactive videos give the viewer the ability to interact with the video content itself through a variety of tools. Users can click, scroll, hover, gesture and complete other digital actions to interact with the video’s content, similar to the way they’d interact with web content.

If you’re planning to use interactive video then we’d love to help you.  Our immersive experiences will engage your users, shoppers, and students by giving them complete control over what they see on the screen. We can handle everything from design to scripting and we also give you access to analytics that help you measure the interactivity of your video.

Huibert de Jong - founder / project leader

This is how we work:

Step 1: Concepting

It is critical to first determine your goals and to discuss the message you want to communicate during the concepting phase. You should ask the following questions:

What is your topic?
Pick only one subject to cover per video, and your interactive video will be more focused and easier to create.

Who is your audience?
Start by determining demographic information, like education, age, professional organizations, etc. and then consider their interests, concerns, and goals.

Why does your audience care about this topic?
If you understand why your audience would watch the video, you can more easily address their concerns.

What is the (learning) objective of your video?
A clear (learning) objective helps you provide more straightforward instruction with a more achievable outcome.

How will your video benefit your audience?
What value will they take away if someone invests their time in watching your video?

Step 2: The script and content flow

Once you have a topic and know your audience, it's time to write a (manus)script. Even a simple script will help you be more efficient, saving both yourself and your viewers time. Plus, you’ll also be far less likely to forget something. It’s helpful to match your narration to what will be happening on screen during your video.

Hereafter we begin with the content flow of your video in this second phase. This describes how the video is organized. A content flow can have a variety of goals. During this stage, we consider not only the layout of the videos, but also their content and the flow of information.

Step 3: Collecting or creating content

It is now time to collect or to film the content, to edit the various videos and to record the voice-overs if necessarry! These can be actual film and sound recordings, animated sequences or any stock material. Any technique can be used for this; our choice is determined by your goal and what works best for your organization and target audience.

Step 4: Setting up the interactive flow

The interactive flow is assembled during this phase. The content flow is represented by various video fragments. The appropriate design and interactive layers are then used to decorate the entire flow. All call-to-actions, buttons, menus, and contact forms are created. All of this is reflected in your company's corporate identity and a user-friendly interface. This is a complex process that results in a complete dynamic video with interactive overlays.

Step 5: Distribution, campaign and evaluation

The video must be distributed online in order to meet the goal we set in phase 1. You need to encourage your target audience to visit your website and watch the interactive video. This can be done by, for example, an online campaign and we are happy to advise you on the various options for promoting the interactive video. We can also advise you on the use of statistical information, like via Google analytics, to evaluate the interactive video based on all the data.

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