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Interactive Video - Immersive Experiences That Engage Your Users

Welcome to the Next Generation Video.

Engaging Interactive Video

An interactive video is a video experience that allows the viewer to participate and choose what they want to see, discover, and do next.

Interactive videos add a whole new dimension to video marketing by allowing viewers to interact with and even control the content as if they were playing a video game. Globally successful brands are already leveraging the power of interactive videos to get more out of their marketing efforts, providing their customers with an unforgettable experience to increase sales and customer loyalty.



Use interactive videos to increase engagement.

Increase the level of engagement in your videos and audience by including clickable areas called "Hot Spots" that perform an action when your audience clicks on them. They are fully customizable icons or text labels that appear over the top of your video; they can be animated or appear only when you want them to.

There are multiple types of interactive videos:

Branched stories

This allows viewers to choose their own path when watching a video and decide what they will watch.


These are clickable areas within a video that allow viewers to discover something new in the video.

Polls and quizzes

You can engage your audience with questions related to the content in your video.

360-degree view

This allows viewers to immerse themselves in the video and get an augmented reality experience.

Memorable, enjoyable and interactive.

An engaging experience for the viewer

Viewers can define their own journey, answer questions, complete questionnaires, buy products, download content, and much more by clicking on these hot spots without leaving the video. They are more engaged with interactive videos because they do more than just watch; they engage, listen, read, write, and click. This creates a more fun and engaging experience for the viewer. The good news is that it is also possible that any existing video can be made interactive.

It's simple; we'll take you on a creative journey, beginning with consultation and ending with design, personalization, and analytics.

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Interactive videos are exploding since 2021. But how effective are they really?

Interactive video has quickly become a well-established and widely used marketing tool. According to a study by Spiel Creative, almost 90% of marketers surveyed noted a growth in their online sales after incorporating interactive video, and over 85% said that they would create more interactive videos in the future.

noted a growth in their online sales after using interactive video.

stated that they had made the right decision to create an interactive video.

would prefer an interactive video to a standard video.

noted better online sales compared to a standard video.

Our Solutions

Here you will find an overview of the various applications of interactive video per sector:

The healthcare sector is always evolving and using interactive video as a strategic part of communication is becoming increasingly important.

With tight budgets and high demands within education, elearning needs to be cost-effective, accessible, flexible, and engaging.

Interactive video is used to bridge the gap between the product and the customer by utilizing engagement as a tool.

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