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Interactive Videos in eCommerce

As purchasing becomes more convenient, brands are finding new ways to streamline purchasing. It is critical to stay informed about what works best. You want a more streamlined UX, a higher CTR, and for people to enjoy your content.

The most effective way to use shoppable content is with interactive video. Many brands are now incorporating these new types of ads into interactive videos in order to bridge the gap between the product and the customer by utilizing engagement as a tool.

Videos are big business in the online marketing world, with 7 out of 10 people reacting positively to a brand after watching a well-made and brand-appropriate video, not to mention that nearly 40 billion videos are streamed globally each year and that 80% of millennials use videos to make purchasing decisions. All of these factors, combined with the engagement potential of interactive videos and shoppable content, point to the future of e-commerce being new, shoppable videos.

What is a Shoppable Video?

Shoppable video is a type of content that appears on a brand's landing page or website. These videos can be shared on various social media channels, to attract customers and direct them to product or purchasing pages. Customers can view a wide range of products while watching the video and simply click on any they like the look of to be taken directly to that product page, or another page that contains valuable information such as reviews, details, a buy button, and contact information.

The primary goal of shoppable videos is to satisfy a customer's desire for immediate purchase after seeing an item they like in a video. The videos themselves are frequently related to the brand and products, with engaging stories and enticing visuals to entice viewers. Because shoppable videos are more powerful than other forms of content, they will always be available. Interactive video provides additional clarity about both the brand and the story they're attempting to tell, including any offers. The story of a brand is the living, breathing embodiment of who they are and what they stand for in the world.

View and Click To Buy

Shoppable content combines the worlds of content and commerce, which means that interactive videos with shoppable content bridge the gap between watching video content and purchasing it. Shoppable features are integrated into the video itself, reducing the number of steps a customer must take in the sales funnel from start to finish.

There's no need to remember a product that caught your eye in a video, and there's no need to go looking for it on the brand's website with shoppable content. Simply click on the product within the video to be shown all the information you need to make a purchasing decision, as well as the option to purchase.


NPS Headphones

Here we use interactive video to showcase a product. The interactive elements are both linked to parts within the video but also outside, such as an external link to the order page.

Why is Shoppable Video Effective?

Shoppable video is so effective because it allows customers to satisfy their immediate desire to buy while also engaging them. Interactive videos can provide additional motivation to buy, while shoppable links allow customers to buy right away.

Because of its engaging nature, video has been shown to help increase customer retention, so it can encourage people to return to the site and repeat their simple and engaging shopping experience. As shoppable videos represent your brand, well-made and impressive ones work well to persuade viewers to buy, and the shoppable features allow them to do so before changing their minds.


Online Menu Promo

This interactive video showcases a few of the possibilities for ecommerce.  It is shoppable and this means that there is a direct link to the shop where you can buy food and hereafter it will be delivered. 

Why You Should Use Interactive Video in eCommerce

We know that video benefits many industries and businesses, but why are interactive videos better for your ecommerce strategy?

Brand Loyalty

Many retailers struggle to attract customers and then retain them through engagement. This can be aided by uploading interactive video content to your website, which allows customers to see real-life applications of the products you sell while also allowing brands to share added value.

The shoppable video features and nature of the immediate purchase reduce customer frustration associated with redirects, pop ups, and having too many steps in the process. Shoppable video enhances the overall customer experience, increasing brand loyalty.

Improved Conversions

Shoppable video content can increase conversion rates by up to 30% for brands that use it. When relevant, exposing customers to these videos as much as possible helps to improve customer retention during the process by motivating them to stay on the site for longer.

It has already been proven that videos can significantly improve a brand's conversion rates, and shoppable videos with interactive content features promote growth by reducing the number of steps required to complete a conversion.

Sales Boosts

Videos are viewed as a useful and beneficial tool that can assist customers in making purchasing decisions. Using interactive videos on your website or in your marketing strategy can significantly increase sales, increasing average order value by up to 40%.

Customers don't have to do as much to make a sale, and they don't have to navigate the website to find multiple products, because they can simply click in the video and view the details. This directly leads to an increase in sales orders and order value.


The engagement of interactive videos is high. They are moving images that we have been shown to process faster than static images or text, and they can be extremely creative. Shoppable videos increase engagement by making the viewer feel like they're a part of the story. They believe they can interact with the brand rather than simply being talked at.

They keep people's attention for longer periods of timeAnything that requires interaction from the viewer will keep their attention longer, increasing the likelihood that they will be engaged and click to make a purchase.

Shoppable Videos: The Future of E-Commerce

Interactive video improves engagement and retention.

The most powerful and successful brands are those that plan ahead of time. In order to increase conversions, these brands are beginning to align the purchasing process with the use of interactive and shoppable videos. Incorporating shoppable videos into e-commerce can help to streamline the online sales and marketing processes. The information gleaned from each shoppable video enables brands to gather valuable information about their customers. Such insights enable the industry and individual brands to fine-tune their strategies in order to increase conversions in the future.

Shoppable videos are without a doubt the future of e-commerce. With attention spans decreasing with each generation and the introduction of newer, faster technology and ways to consume content, brands must find a way to speed up the purchasing process on their e-commerce websites. Shoppable video accomplishes this by eliminating entire steps and preventing customer loss due to the sales funnel simply being too long.

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Fashion Promo

Here we use interactive video to showcase 4 different dresses. It is shoppable and this means that there is a direct link to the shop where you can buy the product. 


Shoppable video allows brands to direct a viewer's attention and focus to a specific item. Engaging content that keeps their attention and shortens the time it takes them to complete a purchase is a goldmine in terms of conversion increase. These types of videos are simple to incorporate into your overall marketing strategy, and they provide brands with an active and non-intrusive way to interact with their customer base, attracting more customers and improving retention.

The introduction of more shoppable content at the forefront of brand websites is unquestionably the way of the future. Data shows that shoppable content has higher engagement, conversion, and general favorability when compared to the traditional way of finding products, making it a profitable endeavor for all who venture into its depths.

Brands of all sizes can participate in the shoppable interactive video trend by introducing simple shoppable features or entire interactive videos with multiple features on top of the shoppable element. You can do whatever your budget and creativity allow, and you'd be surprised how easy it is to get shoppable content on your website and shared on social media. It's something that people want, and you should definitely get involved with it.

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